Thursday, June 14, 2007

Plastic Me This

Apparently Miracle Grow is suing TerraCycle, the new fertilizer made from worm poop, which is waste made from waste. Many props for TerraCycle if they can 'fool' buyers into buying organic!

Suicide by water? Is that possible you say - Found this article while browsing on our library databases searching for more plastic hazards and to my delight the professor who wrote it archives his own work for us for free on his website: Bottled Insanity: The Problem With Fiji Water ArtVoice (etc.) 2/8/07 AV

My co-worker mentioned something she read in a book, she thinks it my have been in Dark Star Safari. The gist is, when one steps off a plane in Nairobi you smell garlic and onions; get off a plane in London and it's wet concrete; get off a plane in the US and you smell ... plastic.

And looks as though the industry is getting larger,
.... trends in the plastic bottles industry. The largest segment in the industry is polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles which are used primarily for carbonated soft drinks and single-serve bottled water. While the number of bottles used for household chemicals has gradually expanded, the amount of resin used has been very steady. Plastics Technology; May2007, Vol. 53 Issue 5, p101-101, 1p [Learn more online at]

Now let us all have a drink! (from a glass that is)

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